Porcelain fillings!

IPS porcelain (Leucide reinforced pressable porcelain) fillings are among the oral restoration materials available in the world. It is the most suitable material for tooth tissue.In the preparation of this porcelain filling cutting-edge technology used. In addition to superior aesthetics, optimum contact with neighboring teeth is provided in porcelain fillings prepared in the laboratory. This is due to the fact that the filling is prepared outside the mouth in a laboratory environment.

After removing the broken, rotten or old filled part of the tooth, the measurement of the remaining healthy part is taken and sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory environment, prepared with precision technologyThe model is taken to a special IPS machine to obtain fillings with excellent aesthetics and functionality.

In the IPS filling method, the healthy tooth tissue in the mouth is not touched. Maximum retention is achieved with minimum material loss. Because they are made of a special compressed porcelain and are not hardened in the mouth. edge leakis minimal (This prevents under-fill cavities and fillings from falling).

In addition, these porcelains are the materials closest to the hardness of the tooth and most compatible with the gingiva. Since its hardness is very close to the enamel tissue of the tooth, it does not abrade the teeth like other porcelains, nor does it wear out like composite fillings. Thus, there is no need to cut any tooth that has not been cut (by reducing the tooth all around) and not crowned before.