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Piersing is a visual practice gaining popularity in the West as an expression of body art. They are generally irregular transactions that are done differently, and are often carried out by non-licensed persons. For this reason, problems related to piercings especially in the head area increase and many problems and infections are seen.


· Endocarditis

Cerebral abscess

Ludwig’s angina


Toxic shock syndrome

Widespread bleeding

Airway obstructions

are some of them.

In the research, the average age of using piercings is 25-32, the average usage period is 3-4 years. It is mostly applied in the ear, nose, eyebrow, lower lip and tongue in the face area.

The reasons for using piercings are self-expression, personal need, image of individual and independence, desire to join a group, body image and desire to increase sensuality.

The most common problems in piercings used in the mouth are gingival recession related to lip piercing, increase in the amount of saliva and tooth fractures.

Among the piercing areas used, the most common problems occur in the ones used in the mouth. Ear lobes and ear cartilage are the most common piercing areas. Other common areas are the nose, lips, eyebrows and tongue.

It has been understood that piercing applied to cartilage does not cause more complications when compared to piercing applied to soft tissues. However, mouth piercings cause more infection and pain than facial piercings.

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