Personalized rhinoplasty

Personalized Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the reshaping and restructuring of the nose. The aim is to improve the nose functionally and aesthetically.
People may need rhinoplasty due to post-traumatic or congenital aesthetic concerns, and thousands of people exchange ideas with surgeons they trust. In addition to aesthetic anxiety, most of them have difficulty in breathing through the nose or various mental and physical problems that develop due to this difficulty. The nose should be proportional to the person’s facial structure and general body proportions. Considering these ratios,
Surgical applications for the region with anatomical and physiological disorders provide satisfactory results.
The concept of personalized rhinoplasty means restructuring the nose by taking into account the skin structure, facial features and proportions of the person. It is inevitable for each person to have a different nose structure that fits their face, and that is why one type of rhinoplasty is an unacceptable practice today and is not satisfactory. The nose can be big, small or upturned to fit the person’s facial features. It is far from natural to copy the rhinoplasty applied to another person exactly. Therefore, the preliminary evaluation and analysis of the surgery is very important. In this analysis, what will be done during the surgery is planned. The road map in the surgery is revealed by talking with the patient. In this meeting, the patient should sincerely share all his concerns and questions with his doctor.