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Oral care during pregnancy…

Intense changes in hormones during pregnancy do not cause new cavities in the mouth, as is thought. The oral environment is more prone to periodontal, that is, gingival-related problems, with the changes that occur during pregnancy.
It is much easier to develop the condition known as gingivitis, which is the initial level of gingivitis during pregnancy. This condition is called ‘Pregnancy Gingivitis’ among dentists. Therefore, it becomes vital to do regular oral care in order not to affect the gingiva, which is one of the most important structures that keep our teeth in our mouth, and accordingly the bone level in the infrastructure during pregnancy.
How should ideal oral care be done?

  • If there is a planned pregnancy, it will allow you to have a comfortable pregnancy period by being examined by the dentist beforehand and getting rid of the possible risks. Because, although the radiographs taken during pregnancy do not harm the baby with the precautions taken, it is a situation that we do not prefer.
  • We must pay close attention to the daily brushing routine. Firstly, after breakfast and secondly before going to bed, we should brush our teeth for at least three minutes with soft circular movements in such a way that our brush touches every surface of our teeth and our tongue. If we can, brushing after each meal provides more benefits.
  • We have to use dental floss. Using dental floss is often difficult for many people. However, dental floss should be used before going to bed, as it cleans the areas where the teeth are adjacent to each other much better and is an indispensable element in protecting against gingival problems. Getting help from dentists about how the dental floss is used will be a great convenience in terms of using it more effectively and without damaging the surrounding tissues.
  • Finally, when we feel any possible discomfort in our teeth or gums, we should definitely consult a dentist. There will be huge differences in treatment between intervening after an ailment grows and stopping it at its onset.

May you have a problem-free and beautiful nine months….

Ç.Cansın ÖZGÜR
Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases and Surgery