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Oral and dental health during pregnancy

According to a popular belief, the expectant mother loses at least one tooth during pregnancy. It is believed that the baby absorbs the mother’s calcium for its own development. However, this is absolutely not true. A mother who takes the necessary care during pregnancy and is under the control of a physician is not likely to lose a tooth.

Changes in hormonal balance during pregnancy directly affect gingival health. This condition, which manifests itself with redness, swelling and bleeding, gets worse if oral care is not taken care of, and turns into a gum disease called pregnancy gingivitis. Not paying attention to the diet of the expectant mother, eating too much junk food, especially consuming sugary and starchy foods, prepares an ideal ground for the formation of dental caries in the already sensitive oral environment. This type of nutrition will not benefit either the mother or the baby, and it will result in the mother gaining excess weight unnecessarily.

Nutrition during pregnancy directly affects the development of the baby. When C, D, A vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and protein are taken in sufficient amounts, it ensures that the teeth of the child will be strong. In this way, the mother can protect both her own health and oral health. In addition to these, it is very important to brush the teeth regularly, to be under the control of the dentist regularly, and not to neglect the cleaning of calculus.

It is very difficult for a mother who has regular dental check-ups to have dental problems throughout her pregnancy. In fact, when the expectant mother decides to become pregnant, she should go to the dentist for a check-up and make sure that her oral health is in place. In case of any problem that may occur during pregnancy, the physician can make the necessary interventions in a way that will not harm the baby and without going through overly complicated treatments.