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Oral aesthetics

Indeed, a corrected mouth contour is an important touchstone for a happy, rested and glowing face. The mouth is one of the most important areas in our body in terms of both vision and the elements that provide communication. The problems of aging are settled, shriveled, thinned, sagging mouth structure will make you look sad, irritable and tired. No matter how pleasant, happy you are, and especially if you’re not smiling. This is certainly an undesirable situation. And a well-planned aesthetic around the mouth will turn all this negative expression into a positive one. So why do such changes bring us here from those youthful times? Getting old, the years are wearisome. Parallel to many negative changes in our body, we perceive the traces of time on our face and mouth area day by day. Our lips are thinning and losing volume. The classical distance between the upper lip and our nose is getting longer and longer. So much so that the front of the upper teeth becomes closed. Our mouth corners first flatten, then turn downwards and fall. The wrinkles on our lips are increasing and deepening. The puffiness between the red tissue of our lips and the skin is gradually disappearing. The fold extending downwards from the corners of the nose deepens, the extension downwards from the rim of the mouth, called Marionette lines, becomes clear. Accompanied by the tissues on the outer side of both mouth corners, sagging masses on both sides of the mouth stand out. The chin tip accompanies this change, the fat mass in the front falls back down. In general, the changing skeletal structure is accompanied by aging problems in our soft tissues (skin, fat tissues, muscles). The elasticity of our skin is lost. We observe that pigmented lesions increase, lines/wrinkles increase, atrophic decrease/volume loss in subcutaneous fat tissues becomes more evident. This is what aging is like. In particular, the supporter of the young body, the skin and tissue suspenders are loosened, gravity affects our body dramatically, this relaxation and the decrease in tissue support also loosens the subcutaneous fat tissue and makes it hang down. Similar problems are becoming more and more evident in each region of the face in their own dynamics. The problems of the mid-face and mouth region are in a dynamic that is difficult to solve in the classical face lift ritual. This fact brings the concept of perioral aesthetics/oral rejuvenation as a solution. A set of rituals that includes many details that should not be neglected: Lips, rims, nose / lip, teeth, chin, skin structure and even smile aesthetics are the subjects of this rejuvenation. All the actions of lip rejuvenation are valid for the lips: they are plumped, shaped, their contours are tried to be idealized. For skin problems, mechanical dermabrasion, chemical peeling or fractionated laser applications should be activated. The increased distance between the upper lip / nose is corrected by upper lip shortening surgery. The lows on the rim of the mouth are important, lifting surgical incisions specific to that region, tiny lifting methods are available and applied. The most practical and widely applied method for the corners of the base of the nose and the deepening groove on both sides: Filling. Apart from synthetic fillers, oil injections rich in stem cells, which will be obtained from our own fat, are popular methods for solving the problems of this region. In addition, classical facelift / mid-facelift surgery will significantly solve the problems here. Again, there are other local surgical methods specific to this area (although not widely applied). Among the filling materials, those containing hylaronic acid (especially Restylane) are used even in the office conditions. Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural material that is also found in the structure of the eyes, joints and our skin, is frequently applied to eliminate wrinkles / lines with its water-retaining feature up to 100 times its volume, being a natural moisturizer and contributing to tissue regeneration. Injections made into the middle skin with very fine needles are generally uneventful. It is an application that should be repeated with its temporary effect and whose effect in fine contour arrangements is indisputable. Applications for smile aesthetics, teeth and gums that become evident while smiling in rejuvenation of the oral cavity will be carried out and solved together with dentists. It will contribute to oral aesthetics as a number of problems, from the alignment of the teeth to the crookedness and compression defects, are taken care of. As a result, mouth and perioral aesthetics / rejuvenation is a chain of applications that includes unique solution methods and will cause significant performance problems in general facial aesthetics if neglected. And it is a must for a shining face.