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Oops ! I’m going to the dentist!

For many people, going to the dentist can be a major trauma. Research shows that people are most afraid of spiders and dentists. In fact, the research findings are quite striking! When a person is asked to choose between going into surgery or going to the dentist, 90% of them get the answer “surgery”.

The fear of the dentist can sometimes reach the dimensions that disrupt the psychological state of the person. So much so that people who do not go to the dentist even though their toothache has become unbearable, or who have physical reactions such as heart palpitations, nausea or sweating when they have to go, can also be encountered.

In order to overcome dentist phobia, it is necessary to start by separating the concepts of “Fear” and “Phobia”. Fear of the dentist, like any other human fear, is based on illogical assumptions or false senses. This is a natural reaction process that can be overcome with the right approaches.

Dentist phobia is called a higher level of fear. The person is hiding from the event in this form of behavior. Even if he has a serious illness, he tends to avoid himself and his current problem by suppressing his troubles. Unfortunately, this act of escape can put the patient in a much more difficult situation to get out of. For example, most of the time, the problem of the person can be solved with a simple treatment, while the dental problem can turn into a more complicated and demanding treatment.

However, as with every phobia, it is possible to leave the dentist phobia behind with the right steps.

In order to overcome dentist phobia in children and adults, first of all, it is necessary to get to the root of this fear and get to know the factors that cause the phobia.

The factors that cause dentist phobia are grouped under 3 main headings.

1) ENVIRONMENTAL SENSEMENTS : These; It includes false sensations from family, school, work life, or other groups involved in the person’s social life. False sensations circulate rapidly from ear to ear. Thus, many events come back to the person by exaggerating or misrepresenting. There is a negative perception towards dental treatments in children or adults.

2) WRONG EXPERIENCES : Another factor that creates negative perception is called “Mis-Experiences”. Faulty or incomplete dental practices are the basis of false experiences. At this point, choosing a dentist suitable for the character of the child or individual; Afterwards, the importance of establishing a patient-doctor relationship based on mutual trust and sincerity and transforming this relationship into a long-term relationship by strengthening it increases. In order to prevent dentist phobia, especially in children, it is absolutely necessary to choose specialist physicians who have a serious knowledge and experience in the field of “Pediatric Dentistry”.

3) FAMILY : One of the negative factors that create dentist phobia is the misdirection of families… “Don’t be naughty, I’ll take you to the dentist!”, “Behave, or the doctor will give you an injection.”, “Eat quickly, or I’ll have your tooth extracted!” Starting from childhood, such scares cause the individual to avoid dental treatment for life and to have a lifelong phobia.

In order to overcome a possible phobia, it is absolutely necessary to avoid such intimidations and to warn those who take such an approach.

To summarize;

1. Family has a great role in overcoming a child’s dentist phobia.

2. The process starts with choosing the right doctor.

3. The right physician should be a specialist in pediatric dentistry.

4. Clinics suitable for children should be preferred. At this point, decor, music, private rooms and staff are of great importance.

5. Initial treatments should be kept short and sessions should be made fun.

6. During the treatment and controls, the child patient should be informed regularly.

7. Oral and dental health awareness should be brought to the person at a young age.

Unfounded fears only bring unhappiness. I wish you happy generations freed from your unfounded fears!