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On aesthetic applications in men

All the promises made, almost every surgery, method and application are of course also valid for men. Nose and eyelid surgeries are frequently preferred, abdominal and waist liposuction is popular, gynecomastia in the breast (male breast enlargement) is a universal application for men of all ages. If the time has come, men also have neck and face lifts and eyebrow hangers with different techniques. Fat filling has become a highly preferred method in recent years. But it can be said that the most popular initiative of these times is hair transplant operations. With the developing technique, cheaper price and widespread practical methods, thousands of male patients from the country and abroad are on the way to obtain more elegant and fuller hair. Men used to worry about appearing more stylish and attractive to their spouses and people around them in the past, and now this accessibility continues to a greater extent as accessibility increases. Men have Botox application or apply anti-aging cream abundantly, perhaps rejuvenating their skin with new generation modern lasers. Everything is running parallel to modern days, busy life and imitation of youth.
Aesthetic age in men
Prominent ear surgery can be performed in boys in any period, starting just before school age. Nose operations cannot be performed before the age of 16-18, the development is expected to be completed. For middle-aged men, it coincides with the beginning of the relative change, when the signs of facial fatigue / aging begin to appear. At these ages, if needed, face lifting can be done with facial fillers, hangers, skin rejuvenation methods, botox or endoscopic interventions against possible unhappiness / dissatisfaction. Liposuction is a frequently performed application especially in the abdomen and waist regions, if needed, after adolescence. There is an aesthetic solution to be made against every possible change in the face at the age of 40-50 and beyond.
Facial rejuvenation in men
Classical facial rejuvenation approaches are valid for men. Any intervention applied to women can also be applied to men. However, this fact is the point where it starts at the crossroads. Here, perceptions about the body structure, physiology, psychology and body of the man should come into play. Change and its processes should be discussed together, and the patient should be prepared for possible results. A conservative approach should be preferred and radical changes should be questioned: On the other hand, although the techniques are the same in some of the interventions to the face, the incision sites will be different due to the difference in facial structure and hairy area, a surgical line will be used to preserve masculine lines in nose surgeries, and similarly in eyebrow and forehead lifting. results that will lead to a feminine appearance will be avoided. Skin care, botox and fat fillings, slings, all kinds of eyelid interventions, neck aesthetics, removal of fat under the jaw and prominent ear surgeries are the most common applications for men, together with SeptoRhinoplasty.