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otolaryngology ; It works in harmony with the whole body and spirit. Smell, taste, hearing. Three senses are in this region. The nose is a great air conditioner.
Normally functioning nose filters foreign and harmful objects up to 5 microns. Since the virus droplets are mostly larger than 5 microns, the nose protects the lungs and lower respiratory tract. The nose clears itself in 15 minutes, the lungs in 2 months. In other words, a clear and healthy nose equals a healthy person.

We breathe through one nostril at the same time, the right and left nostrils breathe alternately. These seizure periods vary between 2-7 hours. This is called the nasal cycle. 70% of people after the age of three have a nasal cycle.
The nose secretes an average of 5 glasses of secretion a day; it has a role in defense and immunity. The secretion is vital, it moistens the air by 100%. While the ambient temperature is 5 degrees, the nose heats the air to 35 degrees at a distance of 20 cm. It is so effective and less energy consuming, and does not want a filter change. There is no air-conditioning in the world.

Stuffy nose can cause inability to sleep, muscle and joint pain, nape sweating during sleep, increase heart and lung load, and heart and vascular disease. The breed can lead to poor performance. Both genders; It may not be an exaggeration to say that the most important genital organ is the nose.

The nose interacts with our body and soul in a perfect harmony, with a behavior called reflex.

Nasal reflexes: Nasal-lung reflex: With the increase of pressure on the ipsilateral nasal lateral wall; increased blood supply in the ipsilateral lung.

Nasal heart reflex: When the nose is strongly stimulated, the pulse rate decreases, the amount of blood coming out of the heart decreases, and the blood pressure decreases.

Nasal vein reflex: When the nose is stimulated, constriction occurs in the hand and foot veins.

Nose-nose reflex: In changes in ambient humidity, cold, heat; It shows itself with sneezing. Nose meat swells, nose runs.

Body-nose reflex: When the feet, back, chest, face parts of the body are immersed in cold water: decrease in respiratory rate, respiratory arrest, decrease in pulse rate, narrowing of nasal vessels may occur.

Genital nose reflex: Swelling occurs in sexual arousal, or ejaculation, nasal concha (meats). Breathing becomes difficult.

Gastric nose reflex: Stimulation of the stomach; bitter food, hot food, ulcer, gastritis causes nasal concha enlargement and runny nose.

The nose, sinus cavity, trachea and bronchi are covered with hairy respiratory epithelium. There can be around 100 hairs that make 10-20 wave movements per second.
These hairs, like an escalator, clean the nose every 15 minutes on average. Smoking, polluted air; by damaging the nasal and lung epithelium, nose, sinus, bronchus, lung infections, asthma.
and predisposes to cancer.
An important task of the nose is smell. Smell has an important place in safety, nutrition, determining the place of the opposite sex partner, and the mother-child relationship. Situations that prevent smelling can sometimes cause security problems.

Conditions that impair smell: Drugs, colds, flu, head-nose traumas, Parkinson’s, Addison’s, diabetes, thyroid insufficiency disease can be counted.

It has an important place in speech and sound production. Especially the letters m and n, the adjustment of high-frequency sounds can be said about this. A blocked nose changes the voice, it can lead to dryness of the larynx and lead to voice diseases.

Nose; It has aesthetic importance for our face and body. The shape of the nose has been the subject of books, poems and satires.

TREATMENT IN NOSE DISEASES: First of all, preventive health measures: Eat less, 2 glasses of food in the stomach, the same amount of water, the rest should be empty.

It should be eaten at intervals of 5 hours, water, sugar-free drinks can be drunk in between. It should not be eaten more than 3 meals.

It should not be eaten after 9 am, should not sleep full, milk and food should not be given to babies and children while they are lying down. Reflux occurs.

A single protein should be eaten at a meal, bread should be whole wheat or rye bread, market products should be tried not to be eaten.

Instead of carbonated drinks, fruit juices, the fruit itself should be eaten, and drinks such as ayran and kefir should be drunk.

Sugar needs should be met from fruits, vegetables, dried apricots, grapes, dates and the like.

Meals and drinks should be consumed slowly and sitting down.

Before going to bed, the room should be ventilated, and the room should be moistened by placing water on the heaters during the winter period.

Try to drink 2 glasses of water at night, the same amount is lost with sweat.

Mouth should be cleaned with water 5 times a day and blown the nose 5 times. Hand and mouth should be cleaned with water before and after the meal.

SURGICAL TREATMENT IN NOSE CONCLUSION: It should be done by an otolaryngologist.