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Nose tip aesthetics – tip aesthetics

Nose Tip AestheticsTYPE AESTHETICS
The nose draws a lot of attention with its every part, it helps to shape our expression and create the meaning of our face. Although there is no problem on the back of the nose, only the tip of the nose can be deformed very rarely.
The most common curvature of the nose is the curvature of the nose and the tip of the nose, as well as the inside. The part we call “septum” in the middle line inside the nose is like “the walls of a house containing columns”, if this part is curved, it will be reshaped according to the curvature of the structure we call the septum after all the changes made outside. For this reason, it is inevitable to see patients who have been operated 3-5 times due to the incomplete correction of the septum or the incomplete correction of the overlying cartilages even though the septum is corrected.
There is asymmetry on our face and body, but it is too light to be noticed; this is now known, but there are such asymmetries that the midline of the nose and mouth are different from each other, because part of the face is underdeveloped or highly developed in this one-sided. There are even more exaggerated asymmetries, which we even call congenital anomalies; Such patients are more common in adulthood. For example, one side of the face is underdeveloped or not developed at all. In such people, the continuation of both eyebrow midpoints and nose is not straight as in normal, but to the right and left, and even the following lip midpoint can be in a different direction. Such patients resort to wanting aesthetic miracles. They think that the asymmetry on the face is due to the nose located in the middle. They apply with a request in this direction. Or he realizes the whole, but expects improvement in all with the nose operation. Such patients should be evaluated with a more serious orthodontic facial tomography. Since it is not possible to correct all asymmetries by revealing pathologies, it is necessary to approach nature in the most analytical way.
Nose TIPonly nose in patients who need aesthetics MEDICINE It is performed under local anesthesia in case of falling down or wide, sharp, irregular (curvature) in the part we call. No need for a plaster splint. So by entering with closed technique easily done. There is no bruising, there is no need to put a tampon.