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nose job rhinoplasty

Nose Aesthetic Operation It is the most common cosmetic surgery. These are surgeries where the current nose shape can be completely changed, performed under general or sedation-local anesthesia, which generally includes respiratory problem treatments.

In nose operations;

* Whether or not there are disorders that cause respiratory distress called midline curvature and “concha” enlargement

* Whether or not there is bone excess-curvature on the nasal dorsum

* depending on whether or not there is irregularity (asymmetry) at the tip of the nose

The type of anesthesia and the operation incision site change.

After the surgery, there is only a plastic splint and bandage on the back of the nose. But plastic splints are not used in operations where nose tip changes are made. Patients rarely have mild bruising. No pads are placed. Swelling on the face is on average 1.,3. and disappears periodically at 6 months.