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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is the surgical method that people apply when they are not visually satisfied with the shape of their noses. Appropriate methods are preferred according to the shape and physiological problems of the person’s nose. The nose is visually one of the most important elements of the face.

What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Nasal aesthetic surgery is a surgical procedure to correct deformities and health problems in the nose of people. The better the nose looks visually, the more beautiful and attractive a person’s face can be. For this reason, great importance is attached to rhinoplasty. In rhinoplasty operations, many important problems can be corrected.

Which Problems in the Nose Can Be Corrected by Surgery?

With nose surgery, operations such as reduction and augmentation on the nose, lifting the tip of the nose and removing the excess bone in the nose can be performed. It is not always a preferred procedure for aesthetic concerns. At the same time, the bones and cartilage in the structure of the boron prevent the person from breathing properly. In order to correct this situation, aesthetic surgery should be preferred. If you want, you can only get rid of the situations that negatively affect your health with nose surgery. If you wish, you can also make aesthetic interventions such as lifting the tip of the nose along with your health problems.

Nasal Bone Removal Surgery

During the operation, the person’s bone tissue and cartilage are treated. This operation, which is performed under local or general anesthesia, is performed closed. An incision is made at the junction of the nose and lips, and correction is provided on the bone. After this operation, which lasts for an average of 1 hour, the bone or cartilage that causes a visually bad appearance in the nose is corrected.

If desired, operations such as raising the tip of the nose and reducing the nostrils can be performed together with the removal of the nasal bone. Interventions on the nasal bone generally provide correction of the appearance of the nose.

Nostril Reduction Surgery

Nostril reduction surgery is a procedure preferred by people whose nose is wider than it should normally be. When the nostrils have a narrower appearance, they look much more aesthetic. This operation can be performed alone or in combination with other aesthetic operations.

Nose Filing Process

Nasal rasping, or also known as nasal tip rasping, is a procedure applied to patients who complain of the nasal arch. When the nasal arch is excessive and large, patients’ noses may be visually disturbing. Thanks to a special method, shaving and filing is performed on the nasal bone. The filing process is generally determined and applied according to the face structure of the person.

Nasal rasping can be applied in every nose operation in general. This procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, is completed in a time ranging from 40 minutes to 2 hours. This process actually includes all the processes done to make the nasal bone suitable. Only the nasal bone cannot be filed directly. When extra corrections are not made, the nasal bone cannot achieve the desired shape only by rasping.

Tour engine and ultrasonic devices can also be used in the nose rasping process.

Nose Filling Aesthetics

In the nose filling process, the fillings that are applied to the face are applied and the nose can be shaped as desired thanks to the filling material. With the filling application, operations such as curvatures on the back of the nose, minor deformities, lifting the nose tip are performed. The most important purposes of nasal filling are as follows:

Prevention of collapses in the root of the nose

Elimination or alleviation of curvatures in the nose

Ensuring the nose tip is lifted

Providing flattening on the back of the nose

Correction of nasal asymmetries

Patients are treated under local anesthesia. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is given to the area to be injected and it is waited for 15-20 minutes. Then, the necessary shapes can be given to the nose with the filling material. The procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes on average.

How is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The subject of rhinoplasty surgery varies according to the preferred methods and the problems to be corrected in the nose. For example, if the problem in the nose is a problem that can be solved with filling, filling is done in a very short time. However, if there is a problem with the bony structure of the nose, open or closed rhinoplasty should be performed. For this, an incision should be made in the nose area of ​​the person and the nose should be shaped appropriately.

General anesthesia is applied for rhinoplasty surgery and the patient is comfortable during the operation. In some cases, patients can undergo rhinoplasty twice.

Things to Consider Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Before rhinoplasty, patients should be well prepared for the operation. Thus, the process is much more comfortable and there are no health problems. The points to be considered in this process are as follows:

As in every surgical intervention, the use of drugs with blood thinning effects should be discontinued before rhinoplasty operations.

In addition, painkillers, vitamins and hormone drugs should be discontinued.

In the period before the operation, it is recommended to stop the consumption of foods that may cause edema.

Some tests will be done before the operation. For this, you may need to come to the hospital 2-3 hours before on average.

You should take a shower the night before the operation and wash your face with an antibacterial soap.

Before rhinoplasty, you should be ready psychologically as well as physically. You should discuss the process with your doctor in detail and you should definitely get answers to all the questions in your mind.

Things to Consider After Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Since there is a recovery process after rhinoplasty, it is a period when you need to be more careful. The more careful and attentive you are in this process, the more comfortable the process will be for you. The factors to be considered after the operation are as follows:

You may need to stay in the hospital for 1 day after the operation. You should prepare yourself for this.

It is recommended that you sleep with 3 pillows for 1 week.

Ice should be applied for 10-15 minutes on the day of the operation and the next day. Thus, conditions such as bruising and swelling can be minimized.

You should not be in very hot environments.

You should be careful not to tilt your head forward.

Always stand in an upright position when you are not sleeping.

It’s okay to touch your nose, but you shouldn’t get hit. That’s why you should stay away from activities that will cause you to get hit.

You can continue your normal life 2 days after the operation. In this process, you just have to be careful not to get any germs.

Splints are placed on your nose for 2 weeks, and after these are removed, you should do the recommended massages.

You should not do heavy sports for 1 month after the surgery.

It is forbidden to enter the sea for 1 month and to enter the pool for 2 months.

You should not wear glasses for 3 months after the operation.

Is There Any Pain During Nose Aesthetics?

Many people are investigating whether there is a non-surgical rhinoplasty with the thought that there may be a very painful sensation during rhinoplasty. As a non-surgical nose operation, there is only a filling process. All other interventions are surgical. .

No pain is felt in nasal tip aesthetics and nose operations in general. After the operation, there may be a feeling of pain for a very short time. This is a completely temporary pain and you can relax thanks to the painkillers you will use in this process.

Is There Any Scar After Nose Aesthetics?

The state of scarring after nose reduction surgery varies according to both the procedure performed and the preferred technique. In closed rhinoplasty operations, there is generally no scarring. In open surgeries, an indistinct scar remains. This often becomes much fainter over time.

Male Nose Aesthetics

In recent years, distinctions such as men and women have completely disappeared in aesthetic operations. Surgical intervention is applied to eliminate the deformities of the nose of men and to obtain a better nose image. In general, the process is the same as for women. According to the deformities in the nose of the people, it is decided what to do and what kind of path to follow.

In aesthetic interventions for men, only a more natural appearance is tried to be obtained. Since the appearance of a very small, upturned nose in men will not be pleasant, more deformity is emphasized. It is desired to obtain a natural and beautiful appearance as much as possible. Various interventions are made for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I correct the shape of my nose aesthetically while correcting my breathing problem?

While the problems that cause breathing problems are corrected, rhinoplasty can also be performed frequently. We can say that the deformities in your nose can be corrected during the operations performed to correct your breathing problems.

Is it true that the nose flows more after the rhinoplasty operation?

It is not true to say that there is excessive discharge in the nose after the rhinoplasty operation. This situation may take 1-2 weeks temporarily, but it should be noted that it is not permanent.

Can I go home right after my operation?

After rhinoplasty, the patient can usually go home the same day. In rare cases, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for 1 day.

When will the stitches be removed after my rhinoplasty operation?

According to the technique applied in rhinoplasty, if stitches are required, these stitches will be removed after 1 week. If self-melting threads are used, the stitches do not need to be removed.

Is it possible to be allergic to dissolvable stitches?

Dissolvable threads used in rhinoplasty and many surgical procedures are specially produced and do not cause allergies. Very rarely, there may be a slight itching. Other than that, it does not cause any allergies.