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Nipple aesthetics

Nipple Repair

Nipple pathologies are defects that can occur congenitally or later.

In congenital pathologies, inversion of the nipple (nipple) or inside the breast brown area buried is the situation. It is shaped outward with different techniques with local anesthesia. They can continue their normal life and take a bath on the same day. Nipple’s extreme big may be a child. Although rare, excision is performed with local anesthesia in these complaints, and they can resume normal life immediately.

Nipple embedding in subsequent nipple pathologies may be due to reasons such as infection and cancer, and the cause must be determined by examinations. Surgery should then be considered.

Another congenital nipple pathology is the presence of extra nipple and breast tissue along the nipple line. It does not cause any discomfort for the patient except for the cosmetic appearance, sometimes it can be noticed under the clothes. In this complaint, excision can be performed with local anesthesia.