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never ending pain

Sometimes we wake up with a severe headache, right? We find many reasons for our pain. In the evening, we are left open… We are very tired… It is due to sinusitis… Our migraine has taken hold… and others. However, almost none of us thinks that the source of this pain is our jaw joint.

Headache is one of the symptoms of jaw joint disorders. Except this :

• Sound from the joint
• Pain during opening and closing
• Difficulty in opening and closing
• Dislocation of the jaw joint

There are also such symptoms. However, many times these symptoms are not noticed by the patient.

If you wish, let’s do a little test together to find out whether we have joint disease or not.

• Have you ever had a sound coming from your jaw joint (just in front of the ear)?

• Do you ever feel pain that starts in your temples when you wake up in the morning?

• Do you feel a contraction or pain in your chewing muscles when you wake up in the morning?

• Have you ever felt pain in your joint while chewing something?

• Have you had pain or a joint locking and not closing when yawning or opening your mouth too wide?

• Have you had any impact on your head and neck chin area or have you had an accident involving this shade?

• Do you grind your teeth while sleeping?

• Do you catch yourself grinding your teeth during the day?

• Have you ever been unable to open your mouth enough or at all?

• Do you get a feeling of displeasure and swelling in your mouth?

• Have you had an operation for the impacted 20 years old tooth?

• Do you have missing teeth in your mouth?

If you answer “yes” to any three of these questions, you may have a jaw joint disease and are a candidate to be.
Treatment of jaw joint disorders is usually long-term treatments involving several disciplines. There is a success rate of up to 90% depending on the cause of the disease. Treatment options:

• If a major factor is known, its elimination
• Patient education
• Modification of patient behavior
• Medication
• Physiotheraphy
• Orthopedic appliance treatment (occlusal plate)
• Occlusal abrasion (rarely necessary)
• Arthrocentesis and lavage (Washing the joint with a needle)
• It can be summarized as Surgical.

Jaw joint disorders sometimes make a person’s life unbearable. Please take your chronic headache complaints, especially when you wake up in the morning, seriously and call your nearest dentist to evaluate whether you have temporamandibular joint disorder.