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Neck and Double Aesthetics

Neck lift aesthetics is aimed to provide a more aesthetic appearance to the neck, to improve its contours, to recover sagging skin and muscles, to reduce wrinkles, and to look younger and better by removing excess fat. It causes the person to look old and tired, and to look fatter than they are, even if the fat is too much. In some patients, although there is no body fatness, the neck and jowl area may be excessively fat. In this case, it causes the patient to appear more overweight than they are, and even to appear more old than they are.

In Which Situations?

It is more accurate to classify neck and jowl sagging according to age groups.

In youth:

  • Often sagging due to excess weight

  • Structural (genetically) sagging due to lubrication only in that area

  • Due to the small jawbone, the chin tip is back and the jowl sagging and oily appearance, in other words, sagging due to the formation of a double chin image.

  • In cases where the neck is short

At older ages:

  • Fatty fat appearance due to excess weight

  • skin sagging only

  • Deformation and sagging of skin and muscles

  • Excess muscle, skin and fat

How is Neck and Double Aesthetics Performed?

In cases related to excess weight, local liposuction (fat removal) is often performed if the patient’s age is young. Excess fats are removed and the fat that hangs on the jowl is freed. Of course, for nose, skin elasticity should be good, that is, the patient should be especially young.

If sagging is accompanied by skin and muscles, which usually occurs in later ages. In this case, it is necessary to both remove the fat, collect the muscles and stretch the excess skin.

Surgical intervention is often performed by entering the line naturally located under the tip of the chin and behind the ear. Sometimes only the so-called neck strap is sufficient. But all interventions vary from patient to patient. In other words, these transactions are planned as a boutique. The action is taken according to the needs of the person. Neck lift is often performed in combination with face lift surgeries. In lower face lift procedures, sagging in the neck is corrected. After the fat is removed, the muscles are tightened and the excess skin is removed. Stitches usually dissolve on their own.

It is possible to perform the stretching process with local or general anesthesia. It does not require a stay in the hospital. A special bandage is applied under the chin. According to the procedure, it can return to normal life in 3-7 days.