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Narrow and tight vagina – truths

This definition may be an imitation of youth, perhaps a masculine expression. But obviously there is a problem. Although normal measurements are personal and it is natural to show differences for you, it should be considered a parameter to allow two fingers to enter in those who have not given birth. Again, a 7-10 cm size is classic, but it has the potential to grow by increasing its length and width with its transverse or longitudinal folds. Of course, the problem is primarily evaluated within the scope of the definition of a healthy sexual life: penis and vagina incompatibility, problems in natural irrigation, and urinary incontinence / urgency problems, perhaps with sagging bladder and bowels. The “width” can be structural, the normal is like this, it is large. But this enlargement is caused by births: big baby, multiple pregnancies, excess number of births, problems with episio stitches, etc. Or, time will cause enlargement with loss of elasticity in the vagina as it changes the body. This deformation, enlarged / elongated vaginal tract may correspond to “loss of pleasure” with a generally accepted premise. One of the problems of women who avoid making love or cannot enjoy sexual intercourse enough may have been these worrying deterioration and aesthetic problems in their organs. The drooping and large inner lips of the vagina can also make this obsessive situation more intractable with the possible difficulties they will bring to normal life / dressing. After all, this is a purely formal body condition. Also, perhaps thousands of other factors may play a role in personal loss of self-confidence. Its phenomenon is already here: it is said, it is believed. Like the fact that the tens of thousands of years of definitions of beauty (in fact) stem from the sense of defending the simplest motives such as fertility, reproduction and reproduction: thick hair (good hormonal balance), thin waist (a sense of being able to hug the waist tighter), wide hips (a suitable pelvis for the child). bed), large/firm breast (fertility / milk relationship), healthy teeth (similarly good bone / genetic structure) etc. Maybe this is the starting point of all genetic codes, phenomena and definitions: protecting ourselves, our generation, reproduction and reproduction. Sex life and being liked are also a part of it. After all, if this is the problem: ”an enlarged deformed vaginal tract”, the solution is never difficult. A surgical intervention that takes 30-45 minutes in hospital conditions, in the operating room, under local or sedation anesthesia. From the bottom, the excess vaginal tissue is cut and removed, the muscles are tightened and closed with dissolvable sutures. Little to no pain. You will be able to continue the cleaning rules and hygiene at home and make your own dressings if necessary. You can go to work 1-2 days later and return to your natural sexual life in 3-4 weeks, in this process, which will of course not have a bad effect on birth, virginity and sexual life. Laser applications, radiofrequency application, electrical stimulations and fat fillings are also included as a part of the solution as an additional surgical solution in these vaginal tightening procedures. Vaginoplasty is a surgical intervention that makes you smile and gain self-confidence. In the same session, other genital aesthetic problems can be eliminated (such as Labiaplasty, Clitoris and G spot designs, Liposuction to the vulva or RF-Body Tite Liposuction between the legs, etc.). All these should be considered as a genital aesthetic improvement process, which will be arranged with your plastic surgeon if you need it, after all. And the main thing is not the condition of your body structures, whatever “narrow, tight, sagging, swollen” is, but your relationship with your body, your self-confidence and the fact that you like yourself or not. The rest then remains as “Laf’ü Güzaf”, that is, empty words. This is the real phenomenon.