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Mouth and dental health; It is important in terms of nutrition, speech and aesthetics.

The person whose oral and dental health deteriorates cannot grind the food sufficiently, has difficulty in making sounds while speaking, and (depending on the location of the lost teeth) there is an aesthetically unpleasant appearance.

For this reason, a systematic and adequate oral and dental care is required.
The most important task in oral care falls to the person himself.
By allocating enough time, you can prevent many problems from occurring with systematic maintenance.
The duty of us dentists is to inspect the care performed with checks made every 6 months, to monitor and clean the overlooked – neglected – areas.
Today, preventive medicine has taken the place of curative medicine in contemporary countries.
It is obvious how beneficial and successful Preventive – Preventive medicine will be, especially in a branch such as dentistry, which is avoided unless it is necessary, but which requires a lot of unpleasant and expensive treatment when it comes to the last moment.

Well :
You should take your teeth for care before your teeth don’t have to go to the dentist?

What and how should it be used in oral care?

1. Toothbrush: A good toothbrush head should be made of short, straight handle and medium hard nylon bristles. It would be wrong to say that electric toothbrushes brush teeth better. What matters is how much time you spend brushing your teeth and how well you brush.

If you want to see the right brushing with pictures, click here.

2. Toothpaste: Increases the effect of mechanical brushing of the toothbrush. There is no “best” or “ideal” toothpaste in our opinion. Changing your toothpaste will prevent you from being constantly exposed to the same abrasive.

3. Dental floss: It is used to clean the interdental surfaces that the toothbrush cannot clean completely.

4. Mouthwashes: According to the substances they contain, they prevent the activation of microorganisms in the mouth (especially in places where the brush cannot reach), reduce the number of bacteria present in the mouth and accordingly eliminate bad breath. But remember, rinsing the mouth does not displace the bacterial plaque. Mouthwashes can’t replace brushing and flossing, they’re just a plus method of protection and maintenance.

5. Interdental brushes: These are special brushes used to clean between teeth and under bridges.