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No matter how much we have white teeth and a beautiful smile, our smile will certainly not be as famous as the Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci’s magnificent painting. However, you can have an incredible smile with Da Vinci porcelains.

Of course, porcelain is not made by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is just a pleasant irony that the painter of a painting famous for his smile and an aesthetic smile are mentioned together.

Da Vinci porcelains, which we have heard frequently on television, especially recently, are nothing but “laminate porcelains” with the term of dentistry. The reason why they are called Da Vinci is that they were first made by the “Da Vinci Prosthetics Laboratory” in the United States.

Laminate porcelains or Da Vinci porcelains with other names, laminates, laminates, laminates are an excellent cosmetic dentistry application for anterior teeth with aesthetic problems. We can compare the way the laminate porcelains are made to laminate flooring. Just as laminate floors are made by sticking to a properly prepared floor, laminate porcelains are similarly thin porcelain layers placed on the tooth surface by making a slight abrasion on the front without the need to cut the entire tooth.

These layers, which are made of porcelain, have light permeability due to their thinness, which makes the tooth look natural.

Laminate coatings are mostly used to remove color changes and to treat gaps and deformities between teeth in patients who do not want orthodontic application. The main application areas can be summarized as follows:

• In case of discoloration, advanced antibiotics, fluoride, etc., which do not produce results with methods such as bleaching (teeth whitening). in hereditary structure and color disorders in stains,
• Conjoining split teeth (diastema closure),
• Restoration of broken or worn teeth,
• In the correction of old fillings whose color and structure have deteriorated,
• As an alternative to orthodontic treatment.

Laminate can be applied to individuals of almost any age group. However, in some cases, it may not be applied to individuals who have problems with the jaw structure and habits such as nail biting and pen biting.

Laminate porcelains should be applied with a sensitive and meticulous study. Otherwise, a pleasant image may not emerge. Its durability is not much different from other porcelain types when used correctly. The advantages of this application, which gives a very aesthetic result, can be listed as follows:

• A healthy and natural appearance is obtained with a small intervention,

• It is sufficient to make a nail-wide slot in your tooth (which may not always be necessary),

• They are produced from durable, colorfast and durable materials.

• It is only possible with laminate veneer to have the aesthetic features you want without deteriorating the natural structure of your teeth.

• The treatment period is short.

• The result of the treatment can be shown before starting the treatment.

• It destroys the discoloration of the teeth.

• It has high resistance to abrasion.

Undoubtedly, like any treatment, it has some disadvantages. It is an expensive treatment, requires precise tooth preparation and very good laboratory work.

Don’t miss your smile.