Misconceptions we know right in oral health

Despite the rapid developments in dentistry and their positive effects on oral and dental health, many of us still practice hearsay. Dentist Onur Öztürk from Plusdent Dental Clinic, stating that many of the information that is believed to be true among the public is actually wrong, talked about the mistakes we know to be true and the mistakes we make about oral and dental health.

Brushing teeth hard causes them to shine

Brushing teeth hard; instead of cleaning and polishing the teeth, it causes abrasions on the enamel layer of the teeth. As a result of the erosion of the enamel layer of the teeth, the underlying yellow layer appears and the teeth appear more yellow. In addition, hard brushing causes tooth sensitivity and gum recession.

If there is no problem with my teeth, I do not need to visit the dentist.

The absence of a visible problem in your teeth is not a reason for you to delay your general check-ups with your dentist. Dentist Onur Öztürk from Plusdent Dental Clinic states that individuals postpone their visits to the dentist if they do not feel any discomfort in their teeth, but in this case, dentists cannot make early diagnosis and patients face bigger problems. It emphasizes that it is important and should not be postponed.

My family doesn’t have any problems with their teeth so I don’t have to worry too.

Genetics play a minor role in oral and dental health. The health of your mouth and teeth is related to how well you take care of them and how regularly you do your oral and dental care.

Brushing my teeth more than once a day can damage my enamel

Many dentists recommend soft toothbrushes to prevent damage to your teeth and gums. As long as you use such brushes, you will not encounter a problem due to brushing your teeth twice a day.

Brushing with baking soda is necessary to whiten teeth.

Brushing teeth with baking soda, unlike whitening, scratches and erodes the enamel layers of the teeth. As a result of this; The brightness of the tooth disappears and the teeth begin to color in a shorter time.

Chewing sugar-free gum after meals is as effective as brushing teeth

Although chewing sugar-free gum after meals has effects such as cleaning your teeth and refreshing your breath, it cannot replace brushing your teeth in cleaning plaque.

If your tooth hurts, put aspirin or cologne on your aching tooth.

Putting aspirin or cologne on the area of ​​your aching tooth causes complications called “alcohol, aspirin burn”.

Teeth whitening damages tooth enamel

Dentist Onur Öztürk, who stated that the aesthetic applications to be made on your teeth are very easy and extremely safe thanks to the latest technologies used in dentistry, said that patients who want to have teeth whitening from aesthetic applications can safely do it under the control of the dentist, and that the methods used in teeth whitening are done under the control of the dentist It emphasizes that it does no harm.