Liposuction (fat suction)

It is the removal of excess fat with special cannulas and vacuum device.
No matter where on the body, fat deposits that cause unwanted or ugly appearance can be removed by aspiration. Generally, the excess fat in certain areas (under the chin, neck, nape, cheek, arm, breast, abdomen, waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf and wrist) is removed and the body is aesthetically shaped. Although up to 8-10 kilos of fat can be removed at once with Liposuction in suitable patients, it should not be considered as a slimming method. If such large amounts of fat (8-10 kg of fat are taken) are taken at once, it is usually not possible to maintain the body surface and contour properly. Liposuction is the best known method for removing excess fat in certain areas of the body. Fat deposits are either in the form of lubrication that starts in adolescence, in which the proliferation of fat cells and growth in fat cells are combined (hyperplastic), or in the form of lubrication that starts in middle and advanced ages and occurs only with the growth of fat cells (hypertrophy). The increase in fat accumulation in a certain area is not caused by an increase in the number of fat cells, but by the growth and swelling of existing fat cells. Since the number of fat cells in this area will decrease when fat is absorbed from an area with liposuction, it is never possible to accumulate fat in the area where the fat was removed, as before fat removal.
Liposuction surgery (fat suction) is usually performed in young and middle ages.