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Liposuction fat removal surgery

PREPARATION : Aspirin, blood thinners are discontinued. watch out for smoking
ANESTHESIA: General anesthesia, local anesthesia, local +sedation
WHERE: A hospital operating room
DURATION: Between 1-4 hours proportional to the amount to be taken
HOSPITAL INSURANCE:You can return home the same day.
PAIN: Even if you have complaints such as shooting pain for 3-4 days after sports, these are problems that can be overcome with anti-inflammatory drugs.
Swelling/bruising: You will experience a swelling, edema, bruising, recovery period of 8-10 days.
DRESSING : You are discharged with your corset, 3-4 days later, your dressings can be removed at the check-up. The corset can stay between 3 and 5 weeks.
STITCHES: Sometimes there is no sewing. If any, single stitches in 5-6 places are removed within 5-10 days.
WELLNESS : From the next day, he can enter into daily life softly, and after 2-4 days he can go to work. Driving after a week. Sports can be started after 3 weeks
THE MOST IDEAL : After 10-15 days, you start to feel better. Swelling and stiffness may last 4-6 weeks. Even if you start getting in shape in a month or two, the ideal will be after 4-6 months.