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Lip aesthetics / lip rejuvenation / what does it fix?

Due to genetic reasons, structurally or aging, our lips get thinner over time. This lip atrophy / aging is often accompanied by lines and wrinkles, mostly in the red part of the lip and around the mouth. Causes such as sun, smoking and, for example, too narrowing of the mouth, increase this deterioration. Similarly, in deformities due to cleft lip and palate, burns, other injuries due to accidents, in other words, in any situation that causes lip deformity, our lip and its surroundings constitute a problem that needs to be corrected. In addition to thinning with age, sagging of the lips occurs, lip contours are deteriorated. An unhappy and sad expression, accompanied by pulling down from the corner of the mouth, accompanies other possible problems on our face. Another fact that is valid for almost all ages makes lip aesthetics unique. Defects that occur with smiling: crooked smile problems, situations where teeth are visible when smiling, and smile styles where gums are exposed: Body situations where oral and lip aesthetics are needed in addition to orthodontic requirements. Don’t forget the lips, there should be norms of a lip that is compatible with the face: The balance between the upper and lower lips is important, for example (the upper lip should be around 75% gold), the shape of the corners of the mouth hides the secrets of our personality, the curves of the lip corners are our soul, our little smiles and patience they are there, the distance between the lips / nose, they predict a balanced face, the slope / angles of the upper lip area, if the lines are compatible, it catches us. And its complement is the condition / wrinkles / freshness of the skin around the lips. It is necessary to add to these, all kinds of teeth that the lips draw a frame and protect / hide: structure, color, gums, alignment, symmetry, posture, bite angle, everything. In lip rejuvenation, lips will be thickened and lifted, and lip contours will be clarified. If necessary, the corner of the mouth will be lifted and applications that start with laser and continue with chemical / mechanical dermabrasion will be applied for wrinkles. Creating Sausage Lips in the process is a disaster. Everything to be done should be in proportion to the aesthetics of the mouth / lips and smile. Applying substances such as foreign silicone injections to the body are now troublesome and undesirable procedures. If necessary, a stylish lip and a pleasant smile will be created by getting support from other attempts of facial rejuvenation. The important thing is the fact that lip aesthetics should be an indispensable element of facial rejuvenation.