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Lip aesthetics / lip rejuvenation / something to be ignored?

In every case where the concept of aesthetics is matched, firstly: “Sausage-like lips” is mentioned and the word is entered. This is a process in which concepts are turned upside down, a reckoning is experienced, and the point of view of life in terms of aesthetic / non-aesthetic is discussed. It is important. Like the fact that lip aesthetics is an important and integral part of facial rejuvenation. A lip compatible with the face, a smooth mouth contour and a beautiful smile will complement everything else possible in facial aesthetics. So much so that throughout history, different ways have been tried in order to better show the lips as well as other parts of the human body. Because a beautiful lip is attractive, it catches the eyes looking at itself, covers other flaws and contributes to the smile / laughter. A lip compatible with the face, for example, has a natural benefit in determining the framework for dental aesthetics. The concept of “attractive lip”: It is identical with color, fullness, shape, expression, lip contour, lip and wrinkles around it. These should be the elements that are corrupted and tried to be corrected. The reason for the aging appearance can be: genetics, sun damage, smoking and of course natural aging results. And the edges of the aged lip are drooping, thinner, wrinkles around the lip and in the red lip have increased. Lip rejuvenation / lip aesthetics comes into play at this point. The aim is to eliminate these possible traces of aging on the lips. The form of the problems also determines the work to be done. Wrinkles, including the surrounding area, are tried to be removed by laser and chemical or mechanical dermabrasion of the lips to be thickened with different forms of fillings. It is hoped to benefit from the healing effect of normal face lift for drooping or lip lift can be done with direct lip surgery. In this period, even lip moisturizers and protective creams of cosmetic surgery will come into play for possible dry lips. And the thing that should not be forgotten in the whole lip rejuvenation process is the fact that there is a dynamic aesthetic in the lip: our lip is mobile, we talk to it and smile, our lips participate in some of your mimics / emotions, our lips shrink if we are sad, they relax as much as possible in our laughter, they should be open enough to be able to talk comfortably, they should be flexible, soft and soft. grace is necessary for our lips. All aesthetic touches to our lips should not affect these dynamic functions in any way, besides the concern of adapting to our face. Our smiles are important. Lip aesthetics should be parallel to this reality. There are a thousand types of smiles. Oral circumference and lip rejuvenation should be evaluated together with personalized smile styles. At this point, orthodontic treatments and dentists will also come into play in terms of oral and dental health. The structure / arrangement / color / symmetry of the teeth, the condition of the gums and their appearance in normal posture should also be considered as an integral part of lip and smile aesthetics. Even Cleopatra painted her lips red, the secret of Mona Lisa’s unforgettable smile is still full of mystery, what do you think is the first thing that stands out in Angelina Jolie’s unique beauty? Or how much a part of laughter plays in the dynamics of our lips, mouth, and teeth, which add life to our lives and secrete a thousand kinds of refreshing hormones. should take in the process. Because lip rejuvenation is not a phenomenon to be overlooked with all its components.