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Lip aesthetics / lip rejuvenation / methods / lip augmentation

It is applied to people whose lips are thinner than the desired norms due to aging or other reasons (structural, genetic, past diseases, traumas). Lip red will be shaped. Fillers are placed through very small incisions. He can talk about many options. Most of the temporary / artificial fillers (Allo derm, Goretex, Artecoll, Restylane, Dermolagen) contain hyaluronic acid and they can be applied with painless and very fine needles and they heal quickly. Some of these are solid and placed like an implant, while others are injectable. Natural Fillers are the fascia of a tissue that can be obtained from your own body, tissue cocktails and fat injections in which your own fats are subjected to a number of processes and applied. Fats will be taken from any existing part of your body (belly, legs and inner thighs, waist), centrifuged, filtered and this stem cell-enriched compound will be injected into your lips. While the possibility of allergy, reaction and infection is possible with some of the artificial substances, oil injections are more compatible with the body. Of course, ideal lip contours should be the measurement in these interventions, which will be performed under local anesthesia and in such a way as to leave no traces in any of the procedure areas. Swollen, larynx, sausage lips are not compatible with facial aesthetics. Care should be taken not to spoil the shape of the lip. While oil fillers are used as volume enhancers in lips that require more thin and serious (around 3-6 cc) growth, synthetic fillers (Hyaluronic acid / Restylone) are used for relatively fuller lips and to give more shape. Shaping the lip folds can be seen as a more possible and preferable application, as it can be applied with Restylane, very thin needles, and can be applied more fluidly and in a controlled manner. In this sense, controlled injection problems can be experienced with fat fillings, since they are not jelly-like and flowy. In addition, more swelling will be seen in fat fillings, and ready-made fillings will give more shape and heal more smoothly and quickly. However, only fat injections (enriched with stem cells) will meet the demand for serious volume increase in real terms and in terms of longer permanence. It should not be forgotten that permanent fillers (silicone, etc.) may cause some lumps, infection, and other uncontrollable problems. It has been out of daily use for a long time. We can say that lip aesthetics / lip augmentation is an application that will increase the effects of facial aesthetics with appropriate choices, together with other oral and lip aesthetic approaches, if any.