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life after children

It is difficult. It is another climate. They grew up and left. You will be face to face with life. Sometimes you settle and miss. Years have passed, the change may have affected your body, as it has affected every part of it. The traces of children are frozen on your falling breasts, on your sagging stomach, on your excess hips, with the effect of years. Is it possible to do something, to capture the dynamism and a bit of youth? Maybe. Maybe not your memories, but we can turn a lot of negative changes in your body that you don’t like into positive ones. For example, many interventions from the bags in your eyes to your slightly drooped face are now easily performed under local anesthesia, perhaps with a light sedation. His recovery speed is unbelievable compared to ancient times. The change had a positive impact on the operating rooms, us and our knowledge / experience. Because over the years, drugs are safer, operating rooms are more modern and technological, comfortable… When fat injections are enriched with stem cells, their usage areas and their permanence have increased. Suspension methods provide fast and pleasant transformations on your face. With RF Body Tite Liposuction, it is now possible to achieve tighter and permanent body measurements. All you have to do is desire change. There will always be happiness, even if it’s small.