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Leg aesthetics, thin and crooked leg correction

Many women and men today attach great importance to the thinness and curvature of the leg areas. While men generally desire a more muscular appearance, women desire more symmetrical, smooth and normal-thickness legs. Initiatives for leg aesthetics started in bodybuilding athletes for the first time in the 70’s. After the positive results were obtained, the techniques and the quality of the materials used have improved until today. Both in men and women, the proportions and harmony of the leg and calf area have a very important place in our general body perception. The need for women to wear clothes that expose this area in their work and daily lives makes them more sensitive in this regard. Difficulties in camouflaging this region are not possible, especially in summer and short clothes. In some cases, even wearing trousers cannot hide curvatures.
Unfortunately, when genetic inheritance is added to factors such as not being able to start appropriate sports in childhood, unconsciousness and poor nutrition, we see that many Turkish women suffer from leg deformities. As mentioned above, especially men often apply for leg aesthetics.
In addition to aesthetic concerns, leg aesthetics is often used for treatment in “polio polio” and “club foot” deformity where the calf muscles are tense.
Are You Suitable for Leg Aesthetics?
First of all, you should contact your doctor. This operation is performed by plastic surgeons. Your doctor will perform a detailed examination. The most important factor here is why this procedure will be done. Is the deformity due to a previous polio? Or is everything normal, but does the fat accumulated in the knees disrupt the leg harmony? Both legs should be measured separately and the symmetry should be reviewed after comparing them with the norms. After the reasons are determined, the appropriate method is decided. If it is to be enlarged with an implant, the dimensions of the prosthesis are determined according to the dimensions. If fat transfer is to be made, compliance must be demonstrated. Herbal medicines and cigarettes that you use constantly should be stopped before the operation.
What Is Done For Leg Aesthetics?
1. Crooked and thin leg correction with implant
2.Correct and thin leg correction with fat transfer
3.Liposculpture and balance procedure with fat transfer
4.Thinning thick legs
5.Ankle and knee area thinning thickening