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laser lipolysis,

The method, also known as laser lipo, is the method by sending the laser energy into the adipose tissue through a fiberoptic; is the breakdown of oil. It is an ideal method that has the ability to recover loose skin and regulate the appearance of cellulite, allowing it to be applied in almost all areas.
Laser liposuction has many advantages. If we count them, there is almost no bleeding during the procedure, the membrane of the fat cells is destroyed by laser and the stored fats in them liquefy and flow. In addition, since it only affects fat cells, it does not harm the surrounding tissues, vessels and nerves. The oil can be taken in a liquefied form, just like dark milk. In areas such as the face and neck, it is not necessary to remove the fat after destroying it with laser, it is destroyed with the help of lymphatics spontaneously and healing is achieved without skin sagging and contour disorders.
Laser lipolysis is successfully applied in men, especially in cases of gynecomastia. General anesthesia is not required for the application. It can be easily applied with local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.
As in every method, there may be lubrication in the same area again in this method. Because the fat cells destroyed during the application do not come back, but if the patient takes more calories than necessary, there is a possibility that the remaining fat cells will increase in volume.
The application is usually 1 session, but the number of sessions can be increased according to the amount of oil in the area to be applied. It is possible to repeat with an interval of 3-4 months.