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Laser dental treatment

Laser has found a wide area of ​​use in the treatment of oral problems by supporting conventional methods with its reducing bleeding, accelerating wound healing and relieving pain.

When laser is used in tooth extraction, post-extraction bleeding is reduced, wound healing is accelerated, and post-extraction pain is rapidly reduced. The same effect is also valid for impacted tooth extractions. Laser application will be very useful, especially in those who have diseases such as heart, diabetes, goiter, high blood pressure, epilepsy, where local drugs that do not contain bleeding-reducing substances should be used, as bleeding will last a little longer.

In patients with gingival bleeding, gingival recession, and gingival disease, if the conventional method is supported by laser, healing is faster and bleeding disappears more quickly.

Laser is extremely useful in eliminating pain in teeth that become sensitive as a result of gingival recession. Laser application to the area after all kinds of surgery in the mouth accelerates the healing in the tissues and reduces the pain. It prevents the entry of bacteria by providing rapid healing of the suture area.

Incidentally, a common misconception needs to be corrected: The beam used in beam filling is not a laser beam.