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Laminate coating

What is laminate coating?

If the teeth are discolored and especially out of shape, laminate veneers are an excellent cosmetic solution. Laminate veneers are a form of treatment for anterior teeth with aesthetic problems, by gluing a thin layer of porcelain to the front of the teeth. In most cases, they are sufficient to give the teeth a natural beauty and a natural function with their solid structure and pristine color. You can smile confidently with laminate coatings! These veneers made of porcelain are thin and hard structures. They are resistant to breakage. They are prepared and placed on an existing tooth with perfect fit and precision. The front side of the tooth and the inner side of the veneer are bonded with a permanent and permanent special resin (an adhesive intermediate). When the process is finished, a perfect fusion is expected.

In which cases is laminate made?

Laminate veneers can be made to remove color changes in teeth and to correct distorted shapes. The main application areas can be summarized as follows:

* In case of discoloration, advanced antibiotics, fluoride, etc. in hereditary structure and color disorders in stains,
* Connecting split teeth (diastema closure),
* Restoration of broken or worn teeth,
* In the correction of old fillings whose color and structure have deteriorated,
* It can be a near-perfect cosmetic alternative for correcting crooked and crooked teeth.

Who can be injured from laminate treatment?

Almost everyone! People of all age groups who complain about the above reasons can benefit from laminate treatment. It is not recommended for those with advanced gum disease.

Advantages of this treatment In cases where you cannot smile confidently due to caries, abrasions, fractures or structural anomalies, it is possible to give your teeth a natural beauty with this method. While fillings and full veneers were the only solution in such adverse situations in the past, today there are new alternatives such as laminate treatment. The advantages of this new application;

* A healthy and natural appearance is obtained with a small intervention,
* It is sufficient to make a slot in your tooth as big as the nail thickness (which may not always be necessary),
* It takes less time than other alternative processes.
* They are produced from durable, colorfast and durable materials.

Are laminates long-lasting? Is it durable?

Laminates can be used for many years without any problems with good oral care (20-25 years). They are made of porcelain that is resistant to staining and abrasion. In order to prolong their life, it is necessary to pay attention to oral care and avoid biting very hard foods.