You are currently viewing It is now possible to correct crooked noses in a single operation with the “titanium clip”.

It is now possible to correct crooked noses in a single operation with the “titanium clip”.

Thanks to the nose-septum surgery using “titanium hemo-clips”, which has taken its place in the international literature, it is now possible to permanently correct crooked noses in a single session.

“The most difficult one among the nose surgeries is the correction of crooked noses. There are two reasons for this: The asymmetry of the nasal structures makes it difficult to correct them, and it is very difficult to protect the nose with this corrected shape. In cases where the nose is curved, both the middle part of the nose called the septum and the bone and cartilage structures forming the side walls of the nose are affected. Sometimes they bend in the same direction, and sometimes they bend in different directions, making the surgeon’s job more difficult. Because of these features, the correction of crooked noses has a special place in nose surgeries. At the same time, there are serious difficulties in breathing through the nose in addition to the curvature that disrupts the aesthetics in these patients.

Due to these difficulties, there have been serious changes in the approach to this type of surgery over time. In the old approach, the septum curvature was corrected first, and the nasal curvature was corrected 6 months later. However, this approach was not sufficient to correct both breathing and nose shape. Unfortunately, although patients had to undergo repetitive surgeries, the results were largely negative. Better results started to be obtained with the surgery to correct both the middle part of the nose, called the septum, and the outside of the nose in a single session, which was developed to eliminate the negativities of the dual approach. However, due to the weakening of the septum, the problem of recurving the nose over time still could not be resolved.

We can summarize the features of the technique I developed as follows.” The biggest difficulty in correcting the curvature of the nose is the weakness of the septum due to the surgeries and the collapse and re-curve of the nose over time. It is seen that the structure formed by supporting the septum with titanium clips gains resistance to bending and collapse. Thanks to this method, the nose is almost stronger than before and is permanently corrected. On the successful results achieved Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgerymagazine has chosen our article in which our results are presented for publication”.