Is there a “non-surgical face lift”?

The word “non-surgical” certainly contains a paradox. It’s a word that was said a little bit for those who are a little timid, very inviting, and those who say “aesthetics is a disgraceful thing, what is the need”. Of course, it is not true in the real sense. The name of any attempt, any touch to the body, performed in accordance with the rules in operating room conditions and in a hospital. The real purpose of the definition of ”non-surgical” is probably that classical incisions and radical change interventions to the tissue are not performed. It should be considered as a discourse for those who are afraid of classical lifting, those who are a little younger but have problems, or those who can achieve a result that they can be happy with with more superficial interventions. It includes many methods: rope hanging techniques, fat injections, stem cells, dermabrasion, PRP, liposuction and perhaps partially endoscopic interventions.
The common feature of these methods is that they can be made with very small incisions. Threaded methods are popular initiatives of recent times. Materials: suitably designed threads and burlap-like needles of different sizes with a hole in the middle. It can be applied on the face, neck, cheeks and temples. It even has a nose strap. In the area where it is planned to be suspended and removed, triangular tension lines are formed inside, as if knitting a cross-stitch. It’s a nice and practical method. It has gone through a long period of trial/error and now the benefits are seen when used properly. The lower part of the relevant body area is removed, lifted and hung. A state of well-being of at least 3-4 years is assumed, decreases can be seen over time, and it is said to have longer and lasting effects. However, of course, it cannot be said that the radical change and long effects of the classical face lift methods are in these methods. However, it should be considered as an appropriate intermediate choice in appropriately selected patients, young people and those who do not prefer classical full or mid-face lift surgery. Similarly, fat fillers enriched with stem cells have been increasingly used in recent years to eliminate the volume loss seen with aging on the face. It can be applied under and above the eyes, around the cheekbones, in the grooves extending from both sides of the nose to the rim of the mouth, on the chin, on the lips and under a lot of tiny wrinkles. It both gives fullness and refreshes the skin and has a refreshing / rejuvenating effect on the face. There is also a full range of synthetic fillers used for this purpose. However, fat cells taken from your own body and converted into medicine are advantageous compared to other solutions in terms of both compatibility and permanence. Similar healing and rejuvenating results are obtained with chemical or mechanical dermabrasion applied for full facial wrinkles and PRP method, in which the platelet-rich compound obtained by centrifugation from your own blood is injected like a kind of mesotherapy. With small cannulas, especially liposuction to the neck and chin, excess fat can be removed from that area and more aesthetic appearances can be obtained. In recent years, significant and meaningful results have been obtained in terms of removing sagging and tightening, especially in the neck region, with liposuction performed with the contribution of a Radio frequency device called RF Body-Tite. In selected patients, endoscopic surgical procedures, especially in the midface and temples, seem to be preferred because of their small incisions and less traumatic nature. As a result, many negative changes seen in our face with aging or structurally: sagging, wrinkling, loosening and wrinkles have a series of solutions. Regardless of the name, with or without surgery, you can assume that you and your doctor can find suitable curative / rejuvenating solutions with your choices.