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Is it lip aesthetics / lip rejuvenation / just lip augmentation?

Of course not. There are many components that aging changes on the lips negatively. Lips become thinner, drooping, wrinkles dominate the lip and its surroundings, smile aesthetics deteriorates, lip and tooth appearance is no longer the same as before, lip contours and proportions are deteriorated. On the contrary, there are solutions in lip aesthetics for those who want to make their lips thicker and thinner. Likewise, lip deformities due to palate/cleft lip and lip aesthetic deterioration due to accidents/burns should also be evaluated in this context. This is a cycle in which smoking and the sun increase the effects of deterioration. In addition, if we construct a concept called smile aesthetics: here, all kinds of asymmetrical relations between the lips and teeth (teeth that look bad when smiling, gums, all kinds of irregularities of the teeth) should be evaluated within the aesthetics of the lip and surrounding structures. Thin lips are filled, this is a popular method, you can evaluate the details in the relevant section. For sagging lips (which is an undesirable expression, part of a sad and unhappy appearance), dramatic results can be obtained with minor surgical interventions from the rim of the mouth, as well as the results of classical facial aesthetic methods will have a healing effect on this area. The red part that appears thick in lip thinning will be reduced within 10-15 minutes with small incisions to be made from the inside with local anesthesia. While these deformities of those whose gums are visible while smiling are corrected in cooperation with dentists; For those who pull the tip of their nose down while talking / laughing, the muscles between the lips and the nose (sometimes during the nose surgery) can be intervened. Lip contours can become irregular and deteriorate over time. With the perception that it is necessary for a pleasant appearance, artificial fillers such as Restylane are used a lot in the lip contour clarification process, which can be a part of a daily make-up. These reproducible drugs are not a permanent solution, they will lose their function over time. In the lip lift attempt called LIP-LIFT, stitches are placed inside the lip that will lift the middle part of the lip slightly, and the middle part of the lip is slightly raised and turned out. This process, which makes the lip look thick and full, can be enriched with fillers. In addition to these, many small interventions such as lip hanging, shortening the upper lip distance and lifting the corner of the mouth can be listed. As the age progresses, the unhappy and sad expression that occurs in cases where the corner of the mouth is pulled down, especially in those with small jaws (fast weight loss and deepening with the sun), accompanies the other components of aging, because the meaning of the face has begun to deteriorate. “Oral corner lifting”, which is a component of it, comes into play. Similarly, lip recessions that show the lower teeth a little too much can also accompany this downturned mouth corner. Botox (with the effect of relaxing the muscles that pull the corner of the mouth down and reducing the lines), fillers (with the effect of eliminating possible thinning and subcutaneous melting with the effect of increasing the volume), classical face lift aesthetics of mandible implants and endoscopic face / mid-face lift attempts will each have a healing effect on this region. .