Is it a human or a jinn? What is this fluorine they call?

Everyone is talking! Fluor flor flor…. Fluorine mania for everyone! What is this fluorine?

Probably the biggest discovery in dentistry in the last 50 years is the use of fluoride. However, like everything else, fluorine must be used correctly. When we look at the statistics, the rate of dental caries decreased by 60% after school children started drinking fluoridated water. So how does fluorine do this?

Fluoride combines with the enamel surface during the formation of teeth in children of developmental age, increasing the resistance of the teeth to caries. It causes a harder tooth surface to form. In adults, it provides resistance to incipient caries, helps to solve root sensitivity and tooth sensitivity problems. It is used in gingival diseases due to its disinfectant effect.

This is basically why dentists recommend fluoride pastes to their patients. However, additional fluoride sources are occasionally used for added protection. These :

* drops

* tablets

* special toothpastes

* gel, mouthwash or foams.

However, these additional protections are DEFINITELY It should never be applied unless the dentist prescribes it! The last of these applications can only be applied in a professional environment. Because this very useful fluoride can harm both teeth and our health if it is not used at the appropriate rate. Especially in recent years, many parents buy fluorine tablets so that my children’s teeth will be healthy, and they harm their children’s dental health while trying to gain benefits.

Happy and healthy smiles to you!