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Important notices about dental implants

Undoubtedly, the most up-to-date approach in the treatment of cases of total or partial edentulism is dental implants. In the implant market, which has become a billion-dollar sector in the world, a new company emerges every day and most of the companies are sold in Turkey. In the last 10 years, domestic implant production has also been carried out. Patients who will receive treatment are offered implant alternatives with different brands by their doctors.

So what should be considered when choosing an implant brand?

“There are various conformity certificates received by the manufacturers, and the most valuable among them is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificate. The fact that the preferred implant is FDA certified gives us a serious positive opinion about its reliability.

The surface properties of dental implants are very similar to each other, but the connections with the bone are completed in a shorter time thanks to the processes that require advanced technology applied to the surfaces of some implants.

The thread design of dental implants and the way they connect with the superstructure differ greatly from each other, and each manufacturer claims that it is more advantageous with different claims. Your doctor will choose the most suitable implant for the case with his experience.

One of the most important issues when choosing a dental implant is whether it allows the construction of ideal prostheses with the variety of superstructure options.

The implant, which heals by successfully completing its relationship with the bone, completes its mission only if it allows the production of ideal prostheses. It should not be forgotten that the purpose of having an implant is to carry the prosthetic tooth to be made on it.

Implant treatment is a very long-lasting treatment if it is ideally planned and applied. So much so that 25-30 years of follow-up are carried out in Turkey, and longer follow-ups have been made in the world. We foresee that the treatments applied in today’s conditions will be even longer lasting.

In the long term, loosening and breaking of the screws of the implants may occur. If the implant is made to fix the removable prosthesis, there may be loosening in the retaining parts that serve in this sense. Even if there is no problem with the implant parts, the need for aesthetic renewal of the prosthesis may arise over time. In such cases, the implant superstructure and measurement parts should either be in the hands of the doctor or the implant company should bring these parts to the doctor for service purposes.

If the production of the preferred implant brand has stopped for commercial reasons or if it no longer has a representative office in Turkey, patients and physicians may experience difficulties in product supply. As a result, it may not be possible to renew the prosthesis.

It is beneficial to prefer the products of leading manufacturers whose clinical follow-ups have taken their place in the literature, which have been in existence for many years and are safe to continue for many years.