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Implant history

Throughout history, extracted teeth, wood chips, ivory, dried bone, gold-silver alloys have been used as implant materials to treat tooth deficiencies. In fact, dental implant evidences dating back to 550 BC were found in excavations in the Ephesus region in our country.

The history of today’s modern implantology dates back to the 1940’s. From screw-shaped implants placed in the bone to implants placed under the periosteum on the bone, many types and forms of implants have been tried. are made of alloys.

The application of cylinder type (root form) implants made of titanium, which is used today, dates back to the 1960s. In these years, OSSEOINTEGRATION; defined as a direct structural and functional connection between living bone tissue and the implant surface, and it has been understood that this connection is provided at the highest level with titanium implants.