Implant ;

🦷We do the implant applications in two stages, we place the implant with local anesthesia and close the gingiva.
🦷After 1.5-2 months, we place a healing cap on the implant in the 2nd stage, again with local anesthesia.
🦷After the healing of the jawbone and gingiva, we plan tooth restoration with appropriate measurements and bite records taken from the patient.
🦷After all these procedures, together with the cementation of the prostheses, the patients can safely start smiling and chewing.
🦷The most important stage is oral care. Regular brushing, mouthwashes, dental floss, tongue cleaners..
🦷 of course, we do not neglect our regular dentist checks..
🦷We do all the examination and planning before starting the implant applications, in case of insufficient bone measurement, we add grafts to the appropriate patients.
🦷 Of course, there are more details and details that we can say, we share them all in our controls.
❤️Stay healthy..
😁Stay with a smile..