You are currently viewing If the patient has the right to choose a doctor, the doctor should have the right to express himself!

If the patient has the right to choose a doctor, the doctor should have the right to express himself!

In recent years, changing world conditions, developing technology and information have led to the increase of knowledge in all areas of science and life, the sharing of knowledge and ultimately the opportunity for people from all walks of life to benefit from all kinds of innovations.

In addition, human communities and individuals have formed, who think healthier and more freely, make more conscious decisions and take actions in all matters. This triggered the sense of choice, recognition and ownership.

Results :Revival in economies, healthy environmental awareness, learning, increase in living standards, prolongation of the average human lifespan, and many diseases can be cured.

In response to the increasing population of the world; The beauties of behavior such as sharing, understanding and tolerance, followed by the understanding of justice of rights among nations….etc. Lots of new things… It has led to new values ​​and concepts.. That’s what modernization and civilization are.

One of them has given birth to the concept of patient rights as well as human rights.

The first element of the patient’s right physician is freedom of choice. But to a person whom he does not know, his temper, his water, the simplest of his face, where he is, what he does, how competent he is; instead of going just to stop the dr; In addition to the information they obtained from the internet, written and visual media, and publications, people also choose a physician with the advice of their friends and acquaintances.

One of the most popular of these is to make use of search pages on the internet. Well, if you ban doctors, the patient will not be able to go beyond just seeing Coke ads. which these days are often like this; The patient will learn about his doctor from his neighbor or hatice ladies, rukiye ladies, or charitable gentlemen.

To oppose this modern revolution.. It is disrespectful to civilization and humanity..Best regards…