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I am young but unhappy because of my face. What should be done?

You may be right. The aesthetic approach can find solutions for all ages for the problems of the human body. In modern life, developing medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, and perhaps popular culture, which offers solutions that dominate today, already presents many methods of beauty and beautification. In fact, distinguishing the pure truths behind this bombardment, the dust and the smoke, the right methods, and making appropriate choices. As a teenager, if you really need it. First of all, any problem you assume should not have been dictated to you by your environment (family, workplace, school), because it may actually be a fake problem. Then you shouldn’t use aesthetic resolutions as a means of resolving any emotional/psychological confusion you may have. Indeed, no beautifying / aesthetic approach is capable of solving a problem of daily life. However, with the opposite discourse, for example, a nose correction attempt or a possible attempt to enlarge his small chin can affect his next life (work, school, social environment, relationships) in a very positive and healing way with the contribution it will make to his general physiognomy. Most importantly, appropriate solutions to problems. It’s about finding your shape and making good choices. A young person does not like his nose, finds his face pale, has prominent ears, believes that there is a loss of volume in his cheeks, his skin is not like the movie star he likes very much. et cetera. The first thing to know is that you are young, you are weird, appreciate it, enjoy it. We all seek and miss your times and wish to be young. This is the most valuable definition. But on the other hand, know that there is a suitable solution for every kind of problem that will make a positive contribution to you. For example: There are many rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty, mini nose surgery, tip plasty, nasal suspension, oil filling on the back of the nose, etc., for solving possible problems in your nose. Today, fat fillings can also be enriched from stem cells and given especially around the cheekbones, and possible volume losses (these may be structural) are eliminated. Or there are thousands of medical/cosmetic drugs and applications for possible irregularities, scars, acne residues on your skin. The laser is popular, with good results. Your skin is refreshed by mechanical or chemical dermabrasion, and the platelet-enriched compound produced from your own blood with PRP application makes incredible contributions to this rejuvenation. Various types of prostheses or fat fillings are frequently used for the problems of your jaw. Prominent ear interventions are aesthetic solutions that can be applied from your school age. In general, endoscopic mid-face interventions have become widespread in recent years for the rejuvenation and change of your mid-face region, and it can find solutions not only to the problems of aging, but also to the possible, more lively appearance demands of the young / middle age generation. Sometimes, you may have a structural droop / PITOS or excess skin on your upper eyelid, which will be dealt with within 40 -45 minutes with an intervention called blepharoplasty. After all, we know that you know the value of your youth. If we believe that possible solutions to your problems will open your way in every sense, it will be pleasure to help you. You just have to believe that you really need it and share it with us. This approach also applies to other parts of your body. For example, breast augmentation procedures in young people or liposuction, sometimes the reduction of structurally large breasts or male-type breast enlargement interventions called gynecomastia are extremely common applications. But the last word: you are young, appreciate it, enjoy it and share with us your problems that we think will get in your way, please.