How to use dental floss?

one) Cut 45 cm of string and wrap most of it around your middle finger. On your other middle finger, you will wrap the used part of the floss while you are cleaning your teeth.

2)Hold the floss taut, leaving a gap of 2.5 cm, and place it between your teeth with gentle movements.

3)When the rope is at the level of the gum, lean it against the tooth and give it a C shape and place it in the gap between the tooth and the gum.

4) Holding the floss in contact with the tooth, slide it up and down along the side surface of the tooth. Then lean against the side tooth and repeat the same movement. In this way, plaque is broken down and bacteria are removed.

The surfaces where your teeth are in contact with each other cannot be completely cleaned even with a correct technique, brush, paste and brushing that lasts for 2-3 minutes as it should be. Most of the time, the starting point of caries is these hard-to-reach, closed areas. For a healthy cleaning, it is necessary to use dental floss after brushing (at least once a day).