How to make a smile design? What is Hollywood Smile?

In recent years, it has become a very popular treatment method. How is smile aesthetics done?Smile aesthetics is based on facial symmetry, mouth structure, jaw structure, lip structure, gingival shape, gingival structure, gingival color, tooth color, skin color and tooth dimensions in order to have a better smile for people who do not like their smile because of their mouth and teeth structure. is made depending.

During the design of smile aesthetics, it is made by looking at the gestures and mimics of the person. In order for the patient to make the most accurate decision about his smile, the result to be obtained with photos and videos is shown.

The patient should choose the most correct treatment method that will not harm his teeth as much as he thinks of a beautiful smile.

Treatments Used for the Design of Smile Aesthetics

Smile aesthetics is not a treatment alone, but the necessary treatments for the patient’s mouth and tooth structure. Those who want to have an aesthetic smile What are the treatments used for smile aesthetics?The treatments used for smile aesthetics are as follows:

·Teeth whitening,

Teeth cleaning,

Root canal and filling treatment,


·Porcelain Bonding

·Zirconium Coating,

Forming lip contours,

Gum leveling,

Tooth lengthening due to excessive gingival appearance,

Includes orthodontic treatments.

What is composite laminated veneer and how is it made?

We will try to answer your questions for you in this article and we will inform you in this area.

Laminate veneer is a veneer method that is applied to the front surfaces of the teeth and generally provides the removal of natural or other structural defects in the tooth structure. With this application, it is ensured that the person has a healthier looking tooth structure. It is also a method applied for a healthier and more aesthetic smile.

Composite laminated veneer application is the most used method among laminated veneer applications. With the application of composite laminate veneers, teeth are made healthier and more compatible with a simple application.