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How to do breast augmentation surgeries

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the procedures that we do the most in terms of Plastic Surgery and if it is applied correctly, you can get immediate results. Breast Prostheses are surgical operations. Breast tissue may lose volume over time after pregnancy or sudden weight loss. Breast tissue may be developmentally very small in young girls. In such cases, the breast tissue and dimensions are brought back to the desired dimensions by using serum-filled or gel-filled silicone breast prostheses in order to restore the breast tissue and volume. Depending on the condition of the breast tissue, a breast prosthesis is placed under or above the chest muscle. In order to hide the incision scar during the operation, the breast prosthesis can be placed under the armpit, around the aerola and in the inframammary fold. In breast augmentation surgeries performed with incisions under the breast and armpit, the incision will be 2-2.5 cm.

When you come to the clinic due to an operation related to your breast, we transfer your latest image to the computer with the Vectra 3D XT imaging system and we enable you to see the changes that you want and are most suitable for you with the 3D system before the operation.

If you have an important illness, surgery, or a medication you regularly use, you should share this with your doctor before the operation. If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin, you should talk to your doctor about this and stop using the medication before the surgery. When you decide on the operation and make an appointment, medications will be started to prevent edema (swelling) and bruises according to the area to be operated. Your pre-operative analyzes will be done in the hospital where you will be operated.

The operation will be in a full-fledged hospital and will be performed with Sedation + Local Anesthesia. Normal operation time is 1 hour.

What I Need to Know About the Operation

Before the operation, you will meet with our anesthesiologist in your room. You will not have pain after breast augmentation. After this operation, you need to stay in the hospital for 1 night. Your arm movements may be limited for 2-3 days after prosthesis surgery placed under the muscle.

After the operation, the breast will be closed with a bandage for 2 days, and after 2 days, the bra that your doctor will give you will be used after the bandages opened by your doctor in the clinic. There is no harm in taking a shower after your bandages are opened. After the operation, it is possible to return to normal work and social activities within 2-3 days, and to a more active life within 1-2 weeks. You can start doing sports after 15 days, but you should wait 1.5 months for a sports activity where you will use your arms.

Your dressing will be done on the 2nd day after breast augmentation. It is okay to take a bath after dressing. Your controls are organized as 2nd day, 5th day, 15th day and once a month.