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How to care and clean removable dentures?

– Removable Dentures are used in patients with advanced tooth loss. It is offered to the patient as a last option in patients who cannot be treated with implants.

– Due to its structure, removable dentures are generally produced from materials called acrylic. Although these materials are basically plastic derivatives, they are very advanced plastics suitable for use in the mouth. Although they meet the standards of entering the mouth, they can be contaminated with external factors such as saliva and foodstuffs in very long periods.

-One of the biggest advantages of movable dentures over fixed dentures is that they can be cleaned more easily due to the fact that they can be removed. The patient can remove the prosthesis from his mouth and clean it to the finest detail. It can also clean toothless areas with the help of brushes and mouthwashes.

– Removable Dentures should not be cleaned like fixed teeth in the mouth. If brushes and toothpaste are used like fixed teeth, dentures will turn yellow in a very short time. Because the tooth cleaners in the paste can scratch the denture surface. For this reason, removable dentures should be cleaned with a denture cleaning brush and soapy water. If there is no denture cleaning brush, the yellow, non-scratching side of the dish sponges can be used. Laying a towel in the sink while the prosthesis is being cleaned prevents the prosthesis from falling from the hand and breaking.

-After the general cleaning of the prosthesis, denture cleaning tablets and cleaning liquids can be used as recommended by the manufacturer.