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How are gapped teeth closed?

More than normal space between the two teeth creates an aesthetic problem. Generally, the reason for this is that the patient with a wide jaw structure has small teeth.

There are three types of treatment that can be applied to close the gap.

1- Leaf porcelains (laminate veneers) give one of the highest aesthetic results when done properly.

It enables us to evaluate the image that will be formed after the treatment with the digital design and mock-up to be made beforehand. In addition, the facial features of the patient, tooth shape, aspect ratio are evaluated by digital design. Since there is no change in comfort, patients get used to and use it more comfortably. Since it is adhered with strong adhesives, they are more resistant to chewing forces than Bonding applications. It is also preferred for smokers because there is no color change observed. they prefer to apply.

Closure of these gaps with 2-bonding (composite fillings) can be done in a single session. However, composites may show discoloration over time depending on cigarette, tea and coffee consumption. Therefore, they may need to be renewed and polished.

3-Orthodontic treatment is a permanent type of treatment. However, the treatment process takes a long time. Even if the tooth gaps are closed, it may be necessary to use fixers to prevent gaps again.