Head, neck and body exercises in meniere

1. The shoulders are relaxed and relaxed. With eyes open, we will turn our heads 6 times to the right and left.
2. We will repeat the same movement with our eyes closed, turning our head 6 times to the right and left.
3. We will slowly bend our heads forward with the shoulders relaxed and relaxed. We will lift our chin 6 times to our chest, if possible (not necessary), and then upwards to the ceiling.
These movements will be done slowly, otherwise there will be dizziness.
4- Lie on your back on the floor. Cross your hands. Turn left face down. Come back out. Get on your back. Relax.
Then turn right, face down. Then come back and relax.
5- Move your shoulders up and down while lying down.
6- Move your shoulders back and forth.
7- Take a deep, deep breath.
8- Raise your head forward while lying down. Bring your torso and head to your knees. Throw your head back. It is worth laying your head down so that your head touches the ground first.
9- Take a deep breath “HOH”.
10- Take the position of 4 legs, touch their knees to their heads in turn. Straighten your head after touching each index.
11- Kneel on the ground. Then stand up with one leg. Then repeat the same movement with the other foot.
12- Sit on the chair. Extend your hands and move your shoulders and torso right to left with your hands.
13- Sit on the chair. Hold the chair with your hands, then bring your head to your knees. Then slowly head
throw backwards.
14- Make a climbing motion on the wall with your standing hands.
15- Return to head movements again.