hair graft

It is a special formula developed to be used in the treatment of all hair problems, consisting of a combination of extracellular matrix, vitamins, drugs and PRP that provides intercellular connection.

Extracellular matrix; It is a powder form material with regenerative properties that works like a “super information highway” that brings cells together and triggers tissue regeneration with the modeling method of stem cells. It has been approved by the FDA with a 510K special certificate for safe use in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This means it is effective and safe.

This formula, which has been used in the USA since 1999 for wounds, burns and organ ruptures, has been used in hair treatments since 2008.


Many people have hair loss problems. Many reasons, such as genetic predisposition, stress, triode diseases, chronic diseases, iron deficiency, some drugs used, poor quality nutrition and use of poor quality products, trigger hair loss. Auto Hair Cloning triggers the healing feature by regenerating fresh tissue with the modeling method of the stem cell. . In addition, thanks to this formula, the quality of the existing hair increases and its loss in the future is prevented to a certain extent. Hair loss occurs in patients with hair diseases such as alopecia, which greatly benefits the treatment. It is a treatment for hair transplantation, both as a preparatory treatment and during hair transplantation, to heal wounds and increase the success of hair transplantation.


Auto Hair Cloning treatment is obtained by mixing PRP obtained from your own blood, vitamins and special drugs to form a solution. The reason for this is to accelerate healing and tissue production by activating inactive stem cells and growth factors in the blood.

The application, which lasts for a total of 1 hour, is performed only in one session with the injection and microneedle device. Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be applied, making the procedure painless. If the person has an allergy to local anesthesia, hypersensitivity to pain, or has a phobia against injection, it can also be applied with sedation. In this case, the total application time, which is 1 hour, decreases to half an hour. However, the preferred method is local anesthesia.

The injection is applied by targeting the hair follicles with minimal movements. The formula starts the treatment by activating the follicular stem cells. It also activates our stem cells and growth factors from PRP, that is, from our own blood, thus accelerating the results of the treatment. These activated stem cells mimic the surrounding healthy tissue and work with the modeling system. As a result, your hair spreads by modeling the healthy follicles around it. Existing follicles also become healthier and stronger follicles.


The treatment can be applied regardless of male or female, and it is an effective treatment for both.
When applied in men, especially in the early period when baldness is just beginning, shedding stops and baldness is postponed to later ages. This varies from case to case, but in all cases the success rate is satisfactory.
It helps to have a voluminous and hairy appearance by thickening the hair strands in those with many hairy strands.
It can be used in all kinds of hair loss in women and has a very high success rate.
It also has successful results in disease-induced hair treatments. Such as hair loss and lupus-induced hair loss
It also gives successful results for those who have problems with eyebrows and beards.

In summary;

For those with hair loss
For those with thinning and weakening hair
Those with hair loss problems
For those who want to protect their hair and take precautions
As a supportive treatment in Hair Transplantation
Patients receiving active cancer treatment should wait for the treatment to end. At the end of the treatment, the vaccine can be safely administered without using prp, with a joint decision with the patient’s oncologist. Again, in patients with a history of cancer in the past, the situation can be evaluated and hair grafting can be applied with or without prp.


Auto Hair Cloning (Hair Vaccine) treatment is a single type of special powder produced in the USA and approved by the FDA in its special form containing the extracellular matrix. This special powder should be mixed with other ingredients and brought into the vaccine form and injection should be administered by people who have been directly trained or authorized by Dr. Gary Hitzig, the first applicator of this formula. It will be the safest way for people who are considering getting the hair vaccine to request both the powder form in a special sealed package and the FDA approval.


Auto Hair Cloning treatment (Hair Vaccination) can be done by anyone, male and female, over the age of 11. There is no upper age limit for patients with good health. Patients receiving active cancer treatment should wait for the treatment to end. At the end of the treatment, the vaccine can be safely administered without using prp, with a joint decision with the patient’s oncologist. Again, hair grafting can be applied without prp in patients with a history of cancer in the past.


Prp is the platelet-rich yellow part obtained from the patient’s own blood. Auto Hair Cloning treatment is a combination treatment of many materials, including prp. It contains extracellular matrix, prp, vitamins and several materials that help in hair treatment. In other words, prp forms part of the treatment in the hair vaccine.


American doctors also call this formula auto hair cloning. The reason for naming it this way can be explained as follows:
While a human is still in the egg stage in the mother’s womb, it takes the human form by completing its formation thanks to embryonic stem cells. Shortly after birth, these active stem cells, which constantly produce new tissue, become inactive by turning into adult stem cells. The function of the extracellular matrix is ​​to reactivate these inactive adult cells. Thus, the production of new tissue begins again. It is based on the principle of re-copying the intact cell locally. In this way, even when used on a severed finger, a finger is formed again together with the nail. Just like in the womb.
In summary, all this happens with the special powder (Powder) Therapy (Therapy), which has the Regenerative feature of the Extracellular Matrix.


In this treatment, which has been developed and used in the USA since 2008, each person is evaluated separately, as it is a situation that varies from person to person. In the USA, there was no case that required treatment for the second time during this time. However, if there is a necessary case or if it is desired to increase the benefit, it can be applied again after 1 year.


The first effect of Auto Hair Cloning (Hair Vaccination) is observed as a decrease in hair loss. Hair begins to appear from the 6th month. However, it shows its maximum effect at the end of 1 year.


This treatment, which is used in the USA, has no side effects and has FDA approval that it can be used.


The donor area heals faster and there is much less scarring.
When evaluated according to the cases in which the vaccine was not applied in the donor area, an increase in hair density is observed in the donor area.
It causes more hair to grow in the transplanted area than the transplanted area.
Better quality and stronger planting hair is obtained.