gum regulations

The first step in providing a pleasant, harmonious and clean smile is to ensure the harmony of teeth and gums. The amount of gums that appear when we smile also affects the size of our teeth. Asymmetrical gingival edges give the impression that our teeth are uneven and our smile is crooked. If our gums are receding, our teeth appear longer than they are. Swollen and red gums due to inflammation (a kind of gingival edema) cause attention to be turned to the gums. The edematous and thickened gingival margin causes shadow formation in the bottom 1/3 of the teeth. In addition, due to the edema that has formed, bacterial plaque accumulation on the thickened gingival margin is easier. Bacteria accumulation will cause the triangular gingival section (hereinafter referred to as the papilla) to recede between the two teeth and cause dark, sometimes black sections to form between the two teeth.

A second point concerning gingival aesthetics is; It is an asymmetrical gingival appearance that occurs as a result of collapse of the jawbone due to tooth extraction. This situation is usually uncomfortable in the front teeth area. No matter how extraordinarily beautiful porcelain teeth are made, the area where the prepared porcelains will be placed is the gingival tissue all around. If there is not as much and healthy gingival tissue as it should be, it is not possible to talk about aesthetics in prepared porcelains. If there is papillary loss due to gingival recession or tooth deficiency, it must first be replaced. It is possible to regain the lost tissues with some surgical and prosthetic methods. The procedures aimed at arranging the gingival tissue surrounding our teeth and creating an image in harmony with our teeth are called cosmetic gingival modifications. Usually before prosthesis construction; Although infrastructure interventions related to gingival, bone and connective tissue are considered by patients as long and tiring sessions, these types of interventions are extremely necessary, pleasing and satisfying for patients and their physicians due to the results obtained.

It is possible to correct the gums that we are not satisfied with with the following types of operations.

Gingival manicure-gingivoplasty: It is possible to bring the gums to the level of the smile line with a small operation of 1 hour in cases where the gums appear too much when smiling.

Gingival graft: It is possible to level the tooth lengths that seem to be elongated by adding tissue to the areas where gingival recession is high.