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Glass fiber composite bridges

Today, infrastructure materials with different physical properties are used in fixed restorations made in the absence of teeth. These materials used are not only texture compatible, but also bring aesthetics to the fore.

Recently, glass fiber reinforced resin-bonded composite filling bridges have been started to be applied for aesthetic fixed prosthetic restorations, especially in patients with anterior tooth deficiency. It is a conservative (protecting tooth tissue) application and can be used for a long time, or it can be applied during the healing process (for example, after tooth extraction, after implant application…) while waiting for other restorations. Research on these glass fiber composite bridges has proven their resistance to bending. The biggest advantage of these glass fiber bridges is that they can be applied quickly in the clinic and the retention is strong. They are strong bridges and aesthetically pleasing as there is no metal infrastructure. They can be used in anterior (front region) and posterior (posterior region) regions.

As a result, it is a conservative bridge system that is applied to the teeth next to or in front of and behind the cavity in patients with missing teeth, without tooth cutting preparation.