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Genital and vaginal aesthetics

Genital aesthetics or vagina aesthetics has started to become the biggest aesthetic operation trend in the last 10 years. Thousands of women in Western societies have this procedure done every year. Transactions that were considered taboo in many western societies even in the 90s have now increasingly begun to become routine practices. In the articles on the subject, it is written that women’s discovery of bodily freedom is almost equivalent to the right to vote and to be elected throughout history. Some writers even take this further and say that it is the happy ending story of the national hero of France, Jean d’Arc, who was burned to death. It may be wrong to evaluate the issue only with women’s rights or freedoms. Today, the increase in communication channels has caused the unspoken to be spoken, and many judgments that are considered taboo have begun to disappear. In the same way, the need for these procedures has been brought to the surface by searching the women’s forms or social media about what we cannot ask even our closest people face-to-face via the internet. The success rate after these procedures is over 80%, the risks are low and they are easy to apply are the factors that cause them to be performed frequently. The women of the 2000s also want to be happy with their bodies, we no longer want only the beauty of our nose or the youthful appearance of our face, but we want them to be beautiful integrated with our body. Unfortunately, in our country where sexuality and similar topics are still considered taboo, sexual incompatibility, unhappiness and hopelessness can cause destruction between spouses, different searches, separations and breakups. While spouses seek happiness outside, we frequently encounter horny goat and tired bull syndromes, and we constantly postpone this important problem with worry and sometimes smiling. I always thought that the beautiful women of my country, which had been oppressed for years under the tradition and feudal structures, deserved the best.
These types of operations have a great impact on female orgasm and sexuality. We can’t just look at it from the point of view of female sexuality. Your partner or spouse should understand the necessity of this procedure. But my experience always says it’s the opposite. Usually he will even try to discourage you. I think it would be useful to say this clearly, both your spouse and you will be happy with an operation performed on you, two birds with one stone……