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Genital aesthetics / clitoris, g spot, others…

As modern life liberates women, as women gain economic gains and in parallel with the communication revolution, the importance/works of genital aesthetics are increasing. Negative swings in the genital area accompany the woman’s body, which has been worn out by time and birth: The vagina has become loose / loose, the inner lips are long and drooping, the color changes and asymmetry in the outer lips are disturbing. Perhaps physiological problems such as uterine prolapse or urinary incontinence make this situation even more dramatic. The vagina, which is narrowed and normalized with vaginoplasty, may be accompanied by the aesthetic appearance of the inner lips with Labiaplasty operation in the same session. It is necessary to add the problems and solutions of other genital structures to these attempts, which do not harm the body, giving birth, sexual life and the structure of the hymen. (transverse and pubococcygeous muscles). Playing a key role in sexual arousal, the clitoris is the male glans equivalent of the glans penis. During sexual arousal, the blood supply of this erogenous zone, which is knitted with nerve endings, will increase and its volume will increase. Sometimes the skin fold on the clitoris may be excessive. This situation, which causes the clitoris to appear larger than normal and deformity, is eliminated by removing the excess with an intervention called CLITOROPEXY. Similarly, an atrophic loose clitoris will be normalized with fillers and fat injections and it will be made to function more easily.
In the process, which we call orgasm, which is accepted as the highest point of sexual pleasure and defined as the chain of reactions that the body gives one after the other, many changes occur in the body. One of the genital formations that play a role in this process, which is shaped by the psychological preparation of the people and the changes in the sexual organs, is the G spot (which has become more and more popular in recent years). Discovered by Dr.Ernest Grafenber in 1940, the G (Grafenberg) point is one of the most erogenous parts of the body. This point, which is known to be located on the anterior wall of the vagina, 4-5 cm from its entrance, on the upper side of the bladder neck, adjacent to the wall of the vagina, is also located in the Skene glands, the same as the prostate glands in men. In the application defined as ”G-Shot/Orgasm Vaccine”, collagen filler injections or fat filling are made here and its fullness, volume and palpability are increased. It is a popular application.
Against the lubrication and fullness of the hairy part (mons pubis) in the vulva region above the vagina; Liposuction is applied to liposuction, or the appearance of this area is designed naturally with tummy tuck interventions such as abdominoplasty. Liposuction and Rf-Body Tite liposuction are similarly applied to the inside of the legs on both sides of the vagina if there is excess fat.
Other aesthetic problems in the internal genital organs (uterus / uterine sagging, loosening, bladder / rectum tissues, drooping urinary incontinence, etc.) seem to be problems that gynecologists can find solutions under the discipline.
As a result, genital area aesthetics can be considered as a tool to naturalize/liberate the woman and the female body with the functional solution forms it brings today. This should be accepted as an insignificant phenomenon. If you need it of course..