General information about vaginal aesthetics

Vaginoplasty not only corrects the structural defects in the genital area, but also tightens the vagina muscles and narrows the vaginal passage. During the procedure, the excess in the vagina is removed and the muscles and surrounding soft tissues are tightened with surgical or non-surgical laser and radiofrequency methods.
The purpose of the vaginal restoration and rejuvenation process is to bring the region to its prenatal youth appearance. However, decreased sexual excitability due to relaxation is restored.
We routinely apply G-spot augmentation during vaginal tightening. This area is considered to be a very important area in the vagina for female orgasm. Although the G-spot is not scientifically proven, I get positive feedback from couples because of the enlargement of this area.
Why Vaginal Rejuvenation
– Correction of sagging and loosening after birth
– Correction of the scar and scar of the “episiotomy” formed during childbirth
-Repair of visible tears or deep invisible muscle and support tissue tears that occur during childbirth.
-Sagging of inner and outer lips
-A more hygienic and cleaner genital area
-A better quality orgasm and a better sex life with a partner
– Correcting body image and increasing self-confidence
-Clitoris is covered with a thick skin and orgasm is prevented
– Situations where the clintoris is in abnormal shape and appearance
– Conditions where the mons pubis is excessively lubricated and sagging
– Loosening and sagging between the anal region and the vagina
-External hemorrhoids with perianal loosening
-New options, new beginnings
How is Vaginal Rejuvenation Decided?
Step 1: Reasons
Clarify the reason for your vaginoplasty purpose. Do you want to increase the excitability of both your partner and yourself for a better sex life? Or do you want the incisions, tears, and defects that occurred during childbirth to be corrected? Whatever the reason, it is you who will make the initial decision. If you believe that your life will become more organized and worth living, get it done.
Step 2: Review your financial situation
You have a valid reason for vaginoplasty and you have decided, you want it for aesthetic and functional reasons. Do not attempt these procedures by forcing yourself or your conditions, otherwise your chances of making a mistake will increase. Wait a little longer and start when you feel comfortable financially.
Step 3: Tell your spouse or partner if possible
Although you will be the one to decide on this process, you may feel the need to consult your spouse for financial and moral reasons. Spouses can often approach negatively for different reasons, but giving information is a positive approach. You can show him that you care by asking him.
Step 4: Is the procedure to be done in accordance with your tradition, tradition and belief system?
I respect all faiths and traditions. I think everything is for man.
Step 5: Ask yourself the post-processing process?
You will spend a certain recovery period (3-4 days). Painkillers will be used if necessary, no intercourse for 6 weeks. It is usually done after 4-5 days. The postoperative period is usually comfortable. It will all be worth it.